An unofficial package for using Naver Clova face recognition, celebrity recognition.

  • Naver Clova face recognition API
    • Celebrity recognition
    • Face recognition


Here is what you need to use the Dart SDK:

  • Dart 2.19.0 or higher


First, generate Naver client id and client secret.

Initialize NaverWithoutLoginApi with your API key.

NaverWithoutLoginApi.init(clientId: clientId, clientSecret: clientSecret)

Use APIname.queryFunction form to call query function.

You can check available API.

/// Recognize celebrity with given Uint8List image.
/// Returns CelebrityResponse
final result = await CelebrityRecognition.recognizeCelebrity(await io.File('your-image-path').readAsBytes())
print(result.runtimeType); // Print CelebrityResponse

/// Recognize face with given Uint8List image.
/// Returns FaceResponse.
final result = await FaceRecognition.recognizeFace(await io.File('your-image-path').readAsBytes());
print(result.runtimeType); // Print FaceResponse


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