A MySQL driver for the Dart programming language


Connect to the database

var settings = new ConnectionSettings(
  host: 'localhost', 
  port: 3306,
  user: 'bob',
  password: 'wibble',
  db: 'mydb'
var conn = await MySqlConnection.connect(settings);

Execute a query with parameters:

var userId = 1;
var results = await conn.query('select name, email from users where id = ?', [userId]);

Use the results:

for (var row in results) {
  print('Name: ${row[0]}, email: ${row[1]}');

Insert some data

var result = await conn.query('insert into users (name, email, age) values (?, ?, ?)', ['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25]);

An insert query's results will be empty, but will have an id if there was an auto-increment column in the table:

print("New user's id: ${result.insertId}");

Execute a query with multiple sets of parameters:

var results = await query.queryMulti(
    'insert into users (name, email, age) values (?, ?, ?)',
    [['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25],
    ['Bill', 'bill@bill.com', 26],
    ['Joe', 'joe@joe.com', 37]]);

Update some data:

await conn.query(
    'update users set age=? where name=?',
    [26, 'Bob']);