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A simple Dart library for interfacing with the Mojang and Minecraft APIs.


Skin/Cape of a player

void main() async {
    Pair player = await Mojang.getUuid('<your username>');
    Profile profile = await Mojang.getProfile(player.getSecond);
    String url = profile.textures.getSkinUrl();

Name history of a player

void main() async {
    Pair uuid = await Mojang.getUuid('<your username>');
    List<Name> history = await Mojang.getNameHistory(uuid.getSecond);
    history.forEach((name) => print(name.name));

Reading NBT data

void main() async {
    // You can create a NbtFile object from a File object or
    // from a String path.
    final nbtFile = NbtFile.fromFile(File('yourfile.nbt'));
    await nbtFile.readFile();
    NbtCompound rootNode = nbtFile.root;
    // You can now read information from your [rootNode].
    // for example, rootNode[0] will return the first child,
    // if present.


  • x Support for all the Minecraft and Minecraft Launcher APIs.
  • x Support for reading and writing NBT files.
  • Support for launching Minecraft itself.
  • Support for seeing and joining a Minecraft Server.


The MIT License, see LICENSE.