Official lints based on the Dart Style Guide, re-implemented for Sidecar.

The package was created as a means of benchmarking Sidecar against the official Linter package included with the Dart SDK.

Included Lints

  • always_declare_return_types
  • always_put_control_body_on_new_line
  • always_put_required_named_parameters_first
  • always_require_non_null_named_parameters
  • always_specify_types

Next Steps

Only a few lints from package:linter are included so far. Once the Sidecar API has been mostly locked down, more lints will be implemented as a means of stress-testing the Sidecar system. If you want to track progress of this package or the Sidecar ecosystem as a whole, you can subscribe to notifications via the Sidecar github repo.