eWeLink API for Dart (Flutter) is a package who let you interact directly with eWeLink API using your regular credentials.

This project is port from Javascript eWelink API

:warning: This is a work in progress and not all features area available yet. Currently only login, getDevices and toggleDevice methods are implemented.


This package is a pure Dart package, and should work in any platform that Dart of Flutter supports.

import 'package:dart_ewelink_api/dart_ewelink_api.dart';


  const ewelink = Ewelink({
    email: '<your ewelink email>',
    password: '<your ewelink password>',
    region: '<your ewelink region>',
  await ewelink.getCredentials();

  List<EwelinkDevice> devices = await ewelink.getDevices();
  await ewelink.toggleDevice(deviceId: devices.first.deviceid);

Additional information

Any help to develop other features will be welcomed. Feel free to contact me or PR.