Dart Converters

A simple dart CLI to do various file conversion

Ever get tired from changing old code to follow the current standards i.e snake_case to camelCase variable naming ?

i got the solution for you!


List of Commands

  • snakeToCamel
  • generateStrings

now break free from boring long tasks

with one command line you can change this

class Model {
  String? first_name;
  String? last_name;
  String? email_address;

to this

class Model {
  String? firstName;
  String? lastName;
  String? emailAddress;
  String? phoneNumber;

and this

  'Hello World',
  style: TextStyle(
    color: Colors.black,
    fontSize: 16,

to this

  "helloWorld": "Hello World",


Pretty straight forward just add it using the activate command and you're ready to use it.

dart pub global activate dart_converters

dart_converters snakeToCamel <file_path> --apply

dart_converters generateStrings <directory_path> --apply

Generate Strings will loop over all the dart files in the directory and generate a arb file for each string found in a Text widget Also note that it will only generates strings with no interpolation in them for now.

if you didn't add the --apply flag it will execute a dry run to preview the changes with no file modification

Known Issues

For some reason it misses some strings in the dart files, i'm still investigating the issue if you have any idea why this is happening please let me know but for now you can rerun the command and it will generate the missing strings or you can add them manually to the arb file