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The Dart command line tool which helps to improve code quality


  • Cyclomatic complexity of methods
  • Too long methods
  • Number of Arguments

Output formats:

  • Plain terminal
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • Codeclimate

Simple usage:

pub global activate dart_code_metrics
metrics lib

Full usage:

Usage: metrics [options...] <directories>
-h, --help                                             Print this usage information.
-r, --reporter=<console>                               The format of the output of the analysis
                                                       [console (default), json, html, codeclimate]

    --cyclomatic-complexity=<20>                       Cyclomatic complexity threshold
                                                       (defaults to "20")

    --lines-of-code=<50>                               Lines of code threshold
                                                       (defaults to "50")

    --number-of-arguments=<4>                          Number of arguments threshold
                                                       (defaults to "4")

    --root-folder=<./>                                 Root folder
                                                       (defaults to current directory)

    --ignore-files=<{/**.g.dart,/**.template.dart}>    Filepaths in Glob syntax to be ignored
                                                       (defaults to "{/**.g.dart,/**.template.dart}")

    --set-exit-on-violation-level=<warning>            Set exit code 2 if code violations same or higher level than selected are detected
                                                       [noted, warning, alarm]

Use as library

See example/example.dart