A particle system for Dart Board

Do you ever want sparkly things happening on the screen? Trails? Rainbows? Bubbles? Flames? Of course you do, if you can't show fake fire on the screen, what's the point of your app.

Include DartBoardParticlesFeature() and you are good to go.

Usage/Implementation is quite easy. A few built in examples are included in fire/lighting/rainbow/water particles.

The API is dead simple Particles.instance.addLayer(particleLayer)

What is a ParticleLayer<T extends Particle>?

A layer is a fixed group of Particles. It includes logic to do before the layer, after the layer, and for each particle.

What is a particle? In the context of the bare api, it's almost nothing.

abstract class Particle {
  void step(double time, Size size);

The only thing a particle must be able to do is step through it's simulation.

Getting Started

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