Authentication Abstraction for Dart-Board

Getting Started

By itself, this module does nothing. It needs to be paired with an auth-provider.

Firebase is provided for this via the dart_board_firebase_authentication, or you can implement your own


Reading/Listening to stae

You can access AuthenticationState with locator. e.g. locate<AuthenticationState>() it is stored as a global for your application and available everywhere.

AuthenticationState provides the following

bool get signedIn => _activeDelegate != null;
String get photoUrl => _activeDelegate?.photoUrl ?? "";
String get username => _activeDelegate?.username ?? "anon";

It is also a ChangeNotifier so if you want to listen to updates, you can use `locateAndBuild

Signing in

Call the static global AuthenticationState.requestSignIn() to start the log in flow in a dialog.

Alternatively, use

LoginButton() widget.

Writing a Delegate

  1. Create a new feature in a clean flutter module.
  2. Import dart_board_core and dart_board_authentication.
  3. Define authentication feature as a dependency.
  4. Implement the AuthenticationDelegate class
  5. Notify AuthenticationState of auth changes in your delegate
  6. Provide DartBoardAuthenticationProviderAppDecoration
  7. Import and register your feature into your integration.
    1. The Auth feature will delegate out to it's auth options
    2. The delegates register themselves via an AppDecoration

The example contains a mock delegate that can be used as a starting point, or refer to dart_board_firebase_authentication for a real world example.