bip32 library Null safety

A BIP32 compatible library for Flutter writing by Dart.


A BIP32 compatible library for Flutter writing by Dart.


assumeCompression(bool? value, Uint8List? pubkey) bool
Assume Compression
decodeFrom(Uint8List P) → ECPoint?
Uint8List decode to ECPoint
deterministicGenerateK(Uint8List hash, Uint8List x) → ECSignature
Deterministic Generate K
fromBuffer(Uint8List d) BigInt
BigInt from Uint8List buffer
getEncoded(ECPoint? P, [bool compressed = true]) Uint8List
ECPoint encode to Uint8List
hash160(Uint8List buffer) Uint8List
hmacSHA512(Uint8List key, Uint8List data) Uint8List
isOrderScalar(dynamic x) bool
Is Order Scalar
isPoint(Uint8List p) bool
Is Buffer Point
isPrivate(Uint8List x) bool
Is Buffer Private Key ?
isScalar(Uint8List x) bool
Is Scalar
isSignature(Uint8List value) bool
Is Signature
pointAddScalar(Uint8List p, Uint8List tweak, bool _compressed) Uint8List?
Point Add Scalar
pointFromScalar(Uint8List d, bool _compressed) Uint8List?
Point From Scalar
privateAdd(Uint8List d, Uint8List tweak) Uint8List?
Private Add
sign(Uint8List hash, Uint8List x) Uint8List
Sign Hash
toBuffer(BigInt d) Uint8List
BigInt to Uint8List buffer
verify(Uint8List hash, Uint8List q, Uint8List signature) bool
Verify Signature