A pure dart representation of Noto Animated Emoji font for animation rendering.

Does not depend on Flutter.

An animated unicorn with a rainbow


  • render as Lottie, webp or gif
  • use pre-generated or generate custom set into applications


Use the pre-generated implementations

// check whether a particular emoji glyph is supported
final isThumbsUpSupported = AnimatedEmoji.isEmojiSupported('👍🏽');

// search for a supported emoji emoji by a tag
final unicorn = AnimatedEmoji.all.firstWhere(
    (element) => element.tags.contains('unicorn'),

// render as Flutter widget using `lottie` package

For further documentation about Flutter rendering, check out the example or the package:lottie.

Generate custom output for application

# add the dev dependency
dart pub add --dev dart_animated_emoji

# generate emojis directly into your project
dart run dart_animated_emoji:generator lib/generated/my_emojis/my_emojis.g.dart

# optionally, specify the format
dart run dart_animated_emoji:generator lib/generated/my_emojis/my_emojis.g.dart webp # supported formats : lottie (default), avif, webp, gif

# additional information
dart run dart_animated_emoji:generator --help

Additional information

This project is in no way affiliated with the Noto authors. The Noto Emoji Animated font is licensed as CC BY-4.0.