Dart AMQP Client

Dart AMQP Client is a Dart package that simplifies the handling of AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) connections, channels, and associated callbacks.


Connection Management: Automatically handles AMQP connection establishment and reconnection. Callback Support: Define custom callbacks for connection events, such as when the connection is established or encounters an error. Reconnection Control: Configure the maximum number of reconnection attempts for robust AMQP connections. Simple Integration: Easily integrate the package into your Dart applications with a straightforward API.

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To use this package, add dart_amqp_client as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

dependencies: dart_amqp_client: ^1.0.1

Then, run pub get to fetch and install the package.

Quick start

import 'package:dart_amqp_client/dart_amqp_client.dart';

void main() {
  // Create a ConnectionSettings instance with your AMQP server details.
  ConnectionSettings connectionSettings = ConnectionSettings(
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 5672,
    maxConnectionAttempts: 5, // Set the maximum connection attempts

  // Create an instance of the AMQP service.

  // Set callback functions for connection events.
  AmqpService.onConnected(() {
    print('Connected to AMQP server.');
    // Use the service to establish an AMQP connection.
    Client client = AmqpService.getClient();

    // ... Perform AMQP operations with the client and channel ...

    String consumeTag = "hello";
    String msg = "Hello World!";

    client.channel().then((Channel channel) {
      return channel.queue(consumeTag, durable: false);
    }).then((Queue queue) {
      print(" [x] Sent $msg");

    String queueTag = "hello";
    Channel? channel = AmqpService.getChannel();
    channel!.queue(queueTag, durable: false).then((Queue queue) {
      print(" [*] Waiting for messages in $queueTag. To Exit press CTRL+C");
      return queue.consume(consumerTag: queueTag, noAck: true);
    }).then((Consumer consumer) {
      consumer.listen((AmqpMessage event) {
        print(" [x] Received ${event.payloadAsString}");

  AmqpService.onDisconnected(() {
    print('Disconnected from AMQP server.');

  AmqpService.onError((Exception error) {
    print('An error occurred: $error');


The example folder contains implementations for getting started


Feel free to contribute


dart_amqp is distributed under the MIT license