dargon2 pub package License: MIT

Dart bindings for the reference C implementation of Argon2, the winner of the Password Hash Competition.

This plugin is ONLY for native dart implementations. For Flutter, please use dargon2_flutter


High-level hashing and verification (for direct hashing & verification of byte arrays, check the example)

import 'package:dargon2/dargon2.dart';

void main() async {
   var password = 'password';
   //use Salt(List<int> bytes) for a salt from an Integer list
   var s = Salt.newSalt();
   //Hash with pre-set params (iterations: 32, memory: 256, parallelism: 2, 
   //length: 32, type: Argon2Type.i, version: Argon2Version.V13)
   var result = await argon2.hashPasswordString(password, salt: s);
   //Raw hash values available as int list, base 64 string, and hex string
   var bytesRaw = result.rawBytes;
   var base64Hash = result.base64String;
   var hexHash = result.hexString;
   //Encoded hash values available as int list and encoded string
   var bytesEncoded = result.encodedBytes;
   var stringEncoded = result.encodedString;
   //Verify password (returns true/false), uses default type (Argon2Type.i)
   var verified = await argon2.verifyHashString(password, stringEncoded);

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

Please mark all dargon2 issues with [dargon2] prepended to the issue title



Library for Argon2 Hashing and verification in dart prrojects