A Dart driver for ArangoDB

This package based on http and ArangoDB API allows to communicate with your ArangoDB database using Dart. I work on it on my free time but feel free to help.


You first need to create a database and connect to it.

import 'package:darango/darango.dart';

String url = "";
String database_name = "";
String username = "";
String password = "";

Database database = Database(url);
await database.connect(database_name, username, password);

After that you can make CRUD operations on documents.

Collection usersCollection = await database.collection("users");

if(usersCollection != null){
    // Create
    Map<String, dynamic> user = {"lastName":"Toto", "FirstName":"Titi"};
    Document doc = await usersCollection.document().add(user);
    // Read
    doc = await usersCollection.document(document_handle: doc.id).get(); // document_handle => _id or _key
    // Update
    Map<String, dynamic> user2 = {"_key":doc.key,"_id":doc.id,"_rev":doc.rev,
        "lastName":"Toto","FirstName":"Titi", "email": "toto@gmail.com"};
    doc = await usersCollection.document(document_handle: doc.id).update(user2);
    // Delete
    await usersCollection.document(document_handle: doc.id).delete(); 

You can also make AQL query.

Aql aql = database.aql();
String query = """
    FOR c IN users
    RETURN c

dynamic result = await aql.run(query);


  • JWT auth refresh after one hour
  • ...