Daniboard — Non-flutter solution to access clipboard

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A library to access the clipboard (copy/paste) for server.

It's a fork of clippy

The browser implementation was removed because it makes more sense to use flutter in the browser.


Add daniboard to dependencies/dev_dependencies in in your pubspec.yaml


In the server Daniboard supports writing and reading from the clipboard. It uses system tools for this:

  • On linux uses xsel (Install if needed)
  • On Mac uses pbcopy/pbpaste
  • On windows it embeds a copy/paste tool win-clipboard
import 'package:daniboard/daniboard.dart' as daniboard;

main() async {
  // Write to clipboard
  await daniboard.write('https://github.com/ikuruzum/daniboard');
  // Read from clipboard
  final clipboard = await daniboard.read();  

See example