there are a number of properties that you can modify

  • color
  • disabledColor,
  • buttonType
  • activeTextStyle,
  • disabledTextStyle
  • borderRadius,
  • textAlign,
  • shape,
  • elevation
  • width,
  • height,

class TimerButton extends StatelessWidget {
  const TimerButton({
    Key? key,
    required String label,
    required TextAlign textAlign,
    required String disabledLabel,
    required Color color,
    ShapeBorder? shape,
    double? width,
    required int height,
    required int timeOutInSeconds,
    required int elevation,
    BorderRadius? borderRadius,
    required void Function() onPressed,
    required TextStyle disabledTextStyle,
    required TextStyle activeTextStyle,
    required ButtonType buttonType,
  }) : super(key: key);
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      appBar: AppBar(
        title: const Text('Timer Button'),
      body: Center(
        child: ctmTimeButtom(
            text: 'Click here',
            disableText: 'Retry in',
            width: size(context).width * 0.53,
            onPressed: () {},
            time: 180,
            shape: const RoundedRectangleBorder(
                borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
                    topLeft: Radius.circular(20),
                    bottomLeft: Radius.circular(20))),
            borderRadius: const BorderRadius.only(
                topLeft: Radius.circular(20), bottomLeft: Radius.circular(20))),

  // custom Timeer button
  Widget ctmTimeButtom({
    required final String text,
    required final String disableText,
    final Color? color,
    required void Function() onPressed,
    final BorderRadius? borderRadius,
    final double? width,
    final ShapeBorder? shape,
    final double? elevation,
    int? time,
  }) {
    return TimerButton(
      label: text,
      textAlign: TextAlign.center,
      disabledLabel: disableText,
      color: color ?? Colors.red,
      shape: shape,
      width: width,
      height: 55,
      timeOutInSeconds: time ?? 5,
      elevation: 18,
      borderRadius: borderRadius,
      onPressed: onPressed,
      disabledTextStyle: const TextStyle(
        fontSize: 17,
        color: Colors.black38,
        fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
      activeTextStyle: const TextStyle(
        color: Colors.white,
        fontSize: 17,
        fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
      buttonType: ButtonType.CupertinoButton,

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