Flutter DropDown

pub package

A dropdown that allows you to customized dropdown list items.


  • List Items can be added dropdown list.
  • Support customizable expanded dropdown list.
  • All fields from ListView.sepeared constructor available.

Getting Started

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

customizable_dropdown: ^0.0.1

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:customizable_dropdown/customizable_dropdown.dart';

Instead of using a DropdownButton create a CustomDropdown Widget:


In action

  List<String> dropdownList = [
   'Apple Inc.',
   'CVS Health',
   'UnitedHealth Group',
   'Berkshire Hathaway',
   'McKesson Corporation'
 const Icon(
  Icons.keyboard_arrow_right,color: Colors.black,),
  titleAlign: TextAlign.center,
  decoration: BoxDecoration(
  color: Colors.white,
  borderRadius: const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(10)),
  boxShadow: [ BoxShadow(
  color: Colors.grey.withOpacity(0.5),
  spreadRadius: 0,
  blurRadius: 5,
  const Offset(1, 1)),],),
  itemList: dropdownList,
  onSelectedItem: (sele) {},
  placeholder: const Text("List of largest companies"))


Params Required input
itemList Required List
placeholder Required Text
onSelectedItem Required Function
maxHeight optional List
height optional Text
width optional Function
decoration optional List
crossAxisAlignment optional Text
mainAxisAlignment optional Function
icon optional List
listTitle optional Text
seperator optional Function
colorDropDown optional List
constraintsDropDown optional Text
dropDownPadding optional Function
marginDropDown optional Text
listColor optional Function
titleAlign optional List
titleStyle optional Text


Contributions of any kind are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and improve customizable_dropdown in any way you want, make a pull request, or open an issue.