Custom top navigator

A flutter package that makes it easy to create your own navigator anywhere in the widget tree.

A common use for such widget is when you need to implement an "Always presenting bottom navigation bar"

Getting Started

First you need to add the package to your pubspec.yaml file.

Custom scaffold

CustomScaffold is a stateful widget that uses the CustomTopNavigator to to handle item transition of BottomNavigationBar with nested navigation while keeping the BottomNavigationBar visible!


// Here's the custom scaffold widget
// It takes a normal scaffold with mandatory bottom navigation bar
// and children who are your pages
      scaffold: Scaffold(
        bottomNavigationBar: BottomNavigationBar(
          items: _items,

      // Children are the pages that will be shown by every click
      // They should placed in order such as
      // `page 0` will be presented when `item 0` in the [BottomNavigationBar] clicked.
      children: <Widget>[

      // Called when one of the [items] is tapped.
      onItemTap: (index) {},

See the custom_scaffold_example for more details

Custom top navigator

The CustomTopNavigator is fairly easy to use


        home: YourChildWidget(),
        //Specify your page route [PageRoutes.materialPageRoute] or [PageRoutes.cupertinoPageRoute]
        pageRoute: PageRoutes.materialPageRoute,

Then you can call it using the same old Navigator.of(context)


  • you can specify Named routes exactly like in MaterialApp.

if you want to use the default Navigator you need to specify a GlobalKey to your MaterialApp and use it navigatorKey.currentState

See the example for more details.