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Custom Refresh Indicator


A flutter package that allows you to easily create a custom refresh indicator widget.



  /// Scrollable widget
  child: ListView.separated(
    itemBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) => const SizedBox(
      height: 100,
    separatorBuilder: (BuildContext context, int index) =>
        const SizedBox(height: 20),
  /// Custom indicator builder function
  builder: (
    BuildContext context,
    Widget child,
    IndicatorController controller,
    ) {
      /// TODO: Implement your own refresh indicator
      return Stack(
        children: <Widget>[
            animation: controller,
            builder: (BuildContext context, _) {
              /// This part will be rebuild on every controller change
              return MyIndicator();
          /// Scrollable widget that was provided as [child] argument
          /// TIP:
          /// You can also wrap [child] with [Transform] widget to also a animate list transform (see example app)
  /// A function that's called when the user has dragged the refresh indicator
  /// far enough to demonstrate that they want the app to refresh.
  /// Should return [Future].
  onRefresh: myAsyncRefreshMethod,


Almost all of these examples are available in the example application.

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With complete state [SOURCE][DEMO]Pull to fetch more [SOURCE][DEMO]Envelope [SOURCE][DEMO]
indicator_with_complete_statefetch_moreEnvelope indicator
Programmatically controlled [SOURCE][DEMO]Your indicatorYour indicator
programmatically_controlledHave you created a fancy refresh indicator? This place is for you. Open PR.Have you created a fancy refresh indicator? This place is for you. Open PR.


CustomRefreshIndicator widget

The CustomRefreshIndicator widget provides an absolute minimum functionality that allows you to create and set your own custom indicators.


The onStateChanged callback is called everytime IndicatorState has been changed.
This is a convenient place for tracking indicator state changes. For a reference take a look at the example check mark indicator widget.

Example usage:

  onRefresh: onRefresh,
  // You can track state changes here.
  onStateChanged: (IndicatorStateChange change) {
    if (change.didChange(from: IndicatorState.dragging, to: IndicatorState.armed)) {
      // Do something...
    } else if(change.didChange(to: IndicatorState.idle)) {
      // Do something...
    // And so on...
  // ...


Controller state and value changes.

The best way to understand how the CustomRefreshIndicator widget changes its controller data is to see the example 😉. An example is available in the example application.

Controller data example

Online example

statevaluevalue descriptionDescription
idle==0.0Value eqals 0.0.No user action.
dragging=<0.0Value is eqal 0.0 or larger but lower than 1.0.User is dragging the indicator.
armed>=1.0Value is larger than 1.0.User dragged the indicator further than the distance declared by extentPercentageToArmed or offsetToArmed. User still keeps the finger on the screen.
loading>=1.0Value decreses from last armed state value in duration of armedToLoadingDuration argument to 1.0.User finished dragging (took his finger off the screen), when state was equal to armed. onRefresh function is called.
hiding<=1.0Value decreses in duration of draggingToIdleDuration or loadingToIdleDuration arguments to 0.0.Indicator is hiding after:
- User ended dragging when indicator was in dragging state.
- Future returned from onRefresh function is resolved.
- Complete state ended.
- User started scrolling through the list.
complete==1.0Value equals 1.0 for duration of completeStateDuration argument.This state is OPTIONAL, provide completeStateDuration argument with non null value to enable it.
Loading is completed.


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