Custom Image Editor

Strong image editor based on Flutter with ability to crop, paint, add text, and rotate images.


  • Crop

  • Add text, with options to bold the text and choose a color for the text

  • Paint, with options to choose a color for the lines

  • Rotate by 90 degrees clockwise

Custom image editor in display




Add text

How to use this package

In order to start editing the image,

Future<void> editImage(File imageFile) async {
    //navigate to the image editor
    final fileResult = await Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) {
        return EditImageComponent(imageFile: imageFile);
    if (fileResult != null && fileResult is FinishedImageData) {
        String file = fileResult.file.path; //file path of the newly updated image
        imageLink.value = file;
        //get the size of the newly updated image
        width.value = fileResult.size.width;
        height.value = fileResult.size.height;