The default cupertino picker does not allow customization to the border color and scroll physics. So I've copied the class and added some properties to it.

Added the following properties:

  1. highlighterBorderColor

    • Border color for the magnifier.
  2. highlighterBorder

    • Border for the magnifier. If this one is set the highlighterBorderColor will be ignored.
  3. highlighterBorderWidth

    • Border width for the magnifier if you don't fill the border to the full width
  4. scrollPhysics

    • ScrollPhysics for the ScrollView if you want to override the default physics.

Getting Started

import the package

import 'package:custom_cupertino_picker/custom_cupertino_picker.dart';

and use it for example like below

    highlighterBorder: Border(
        top: BorderSide(
            width: 1.0, color:,
        bottom: BorderSide(
            width: 1.0, color:,
    highlighterBorderWidth: 60,
    scrollPhysics: const FixedExtentScrollPhysics(
        parent: BouncingScrollPhysics(),
    children: ...