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Flutter package providing cupertino table section and cupertino table row.


  • Configurable easy to use Cupertino iOS like table section and table rows


Run flutter pub add cupertino_tables

Run flutter pub get


Import packages

import 'package:cupertino_tables/cupertino_table_section.dart';
import 'package:cupertino_tables/cupertino_table_row.dart';

// Use default constructor `CupertinoTableSection` to implement long dividers between rows.
CupertinoTableSection(children: []);

// Use named constructor `CupertinoTableSection.leaded` to implement short dividers between rows, 
// as leading widget will be considers
CupertinoTableSection.leaded(children: []);

Additional information

Check example how to use example


You are very welcome to contribute to the package:

  • Fork the Repo
  • Add your changes (don't forget to add tests as well)
  • Create a Pull Request (PR)

We will check your input asap


Created by AndroDevs @2022

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