cupertino_listview - Display a vertical list of sections (group of items), respecting iOS UX design.

This library tends to be the equivalent of iOS UITableView with plain sections.

It contains one widget: CupertinoListView, that mimics in its usage the ListView widget.

Therefore ou have two ways to build it:


    sectionCount: _data.length,
    itemInSectionCount: (section) => _data[section].items.length,
    sectionBuilder: (context, sectionPath, _) => Text(_data[sectionPath.section].name),
    childBuilder: (context, indexPath) => Text(_data[indexPath.section].items[indexPath.child]),
    separatorBuilder: (context, indexPath) => Divider(indent: 20.0),
    controller: _scrollController,
    children: _data.fold([], (list, section) {
        return [
          ..._data[section] => Text(item)).toList(),
    padding: const EdgeInsets.all(4.0),

another example

You can also use this library in combination to scroll_to_index.

The complete explanation is available here:

CupertinoListView properties

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
childrenList of sections. A section is a list with the section title as its first element, followed by section's items.-
floatingSectionBuilderOptional builder used to create floating section widget. This builder is intended to differentiate the section widget from list and the floating one.-
sectionCountNumber of sections.-
itemInSectionCountRetrieve the number of items of sections.-
sectionBuilderUsed to build the section title.-
childBuilderUsed to build an item of a section.-
separatorBuilderUsed to build separator between two children of sections.-
controllerControl the position to which this scroll view is scrolled.-
cacheExtentCache elements used to display faster and smoother the list.-
clipBehaviorSame as ListView.clipBehavior: "ways to clip a widget's content".Clip.hardEdge
dragStartBehaviorSame as ListView.dragStartBehavior: "Determines the way that drag start behavior is handled".DragStartBehavior.start
physicsSame as ListView.physics: "How the scroll view should respond to user input".-
restorationIdSame as ListView.restorationId: used "to save and restore the scroll offset of the scrollable".-
paddingThe amount of space by which to inset the children.-
keyboardDismissBehaviorDefines how the list will dismiss the keyboard automatically.manual