This package provides a single widget: BatteryIndicator. It resembles the battery icon used in the macOS menu bar, but is very customizable. You can provide any value it should display.

A gif showing the indicator and a slider being moved between 0% and 100%


  • Looks like a stylized battery laying on its side
  • Shows any percentage given to it
  • Customizable colors and sizes

Getting started

Just include the BatteryIndicator library:

import 'package:cupertino_battery_indicator/cupertino_battery_indicator.dart';


Widget buildIndicator(value) =>
    mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min,
    children: [
        padding: const EdgeInsets.only(right: 16.0),
        child: BatteryIndicator(value: value),
      Text('${(value * 100).ceil()}%'),

Additional information

Feel free to open issues with suggestions or feature requests.

PRs are welcome!


Licensed under the MIT license. Read more here.