A document scanner plugin with automatic cropping function and option to pick image from gallery or camera

Getting Started

Handle camera access permission


Add String properties to the app's Info.plist file with the keys NSCameraUsageDescription and NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription and the values as the description for why your app needs camera and gallery access.

<string>Camera Permission Description</string>
<string>Gallery Permission Description</string>


minSdkVersion should be at least 21

How to use ?

    final imagesPath = await CuervoDocumentScanner.getPictures(Source.CAMERA)

The path's to the cropped Images will be returned as List<String>. if you want to get the images from gallery, just change the source to Source.GALLERY


Step 1

  • Fork this project's repo :

Step 2

  • Create a new pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details