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Crossword pub package

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Crossword is a comprehensive solution for seamlessly integrating a crossword puzzle-solving user interface into your Flutter app. With this package, you can effortlessly provide users with an interactive and enjoyable crossword puzzle-solving experience within your application.


  • Customizable Crossword Widget: The package offers a customizable crossword widget that can be easily integrated into any Flutter app. You can adjust the widget's appearance, size, and layout to match your app's design and theme.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The user interface is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Users can intuitively navigate through the puzzle, pan, and select the letters to choose words.

  • Clue Management: Manage crossword clues effortlessly with this package by passing the list of words into the Crossword widget.

Getting started


You just need to add crossword as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

  crossword: ^0.0.6

Import the package in your Dart code and instantiate the Crossword widget.


To get started add the Crossword widget.

  • letters : takes all the letters as a two-dimentional List
  • spacing : controls the horizontal and vertical spacing in between letters
  • onLineDrawn : returns a List of words created based on user interactions on the Crossword panel
  • hints : takes a List of words as clues
          letters: letters:[
                    ["F", "L", "U", "T", "T", "E", "R", "W", "U", "D", "B", "C"],
                    ["R", "M", "I", "O", "P", "U", "I", "Q", "R", "L", "E", "G"],
                    ["T", "V", "D", "I", "R", "I", "M", "U", "A", "H", "E", "A"],
                    ["D", "A", "R", "T", "N", "S", "T", "O", "Y", "J", "R", "M"],
                    ["O", "G", "A", "M", "E", "S", "C", "O", "L", "O", "R", "O"],
                    ["S", "R", "T", "I", "I", "I", "F", "X", "S", "P", "E", "D"],
                    ["Y", "S", "N", "E", "T", "M", "M", "C", "E", "A", "T", "S"],
                    ["W", "E", "T", "P", "A", "T", "D", "Y", "L", "M", "N", "U"],
                    ["O", "T", "E", "H", "R", "O", "G", "P", "T", "U", "O", "E"],
                    ["K", "R", "R", "C", "G", "A", "M", "E", "S", "S", "T", "S"],
                    ["S", "E", "S", "T", "L", "A", "O", "P", "U", "P", "E", "S"]
          spacing: const Offset(30, 30),
          onLineDrawn: (List<String> words) {},
          hints: const ["Flutter", "Dart", "Games", "Colors"],

Additional parameters

  • acceptReversedDirection: accepts a bool to identify while creating the words by touching in the reversed direction, is enabled or not
  • drawCrossLine: accepts a bool, and identifies if the user can interact in the Cross direction or not.
  • drawVerticalLine: accepts a bool, and identifies if the user can interact in the Vertical direction or not.
  • drawHorizontalLine: accepts a bool, and identifies if the user can interact in the Horizontal direction or not.

drawCrossLine, drawVerticalLine, drawHorizontalLine can't be set as false altogether.

  • lineDecoration: Decorate lines to update colors based on the input and clues
  • textStyle: Add styles to the crossword letters
  • transposeMatrix: Transpose the 2x2 matrix
  • alowOverlap: Accepts a bool to identify if the user can overlap the words or not