CreativeWidgets is a comprehensive Flutter library that unlocks a world of creativity and efficiency for widget development. It offers a diverse collection of innovative and creative widgets, designed to simplify complex tasks, reduce code lines, and enhance your Flutter app's user interface.


  • Explore New Widgets: Discover unique widgets that go beyond the standard Flutter set, enabling you to create captivating user experiences.

  • Reduced Code Complexity: Effortlessly implement intricate functionalities with minimal lines of code, resulting in cleaner and maintainable projects.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Each widget comes with detailed documentation and examples, making it easy for developers of all skill levels to get started.

  • Animations & Interactivity: Spice up your apps with eye-catching animations and interactive elements, taking your UI to the next level.


Follow these steps to integrate CreativeWidgets into your Flutter project:

  1. Add this line to your pubspec.yaml:

      creative_widgets: ^1.0.0 # Use the latest version from Pub.