Dart crclib

This is not an official Google product.

Generic CRC calculations as Dart converters and some common algorithms.

The easiest way to use this library is to call convert on the instance of the desired CRC routine.

  new Crc32Zlib().convert(UTF8.encode('123456789')) == 0xCBF43926

Another supported use case is as stream transformers.

  new File(...).openRead().transform(new Crc32Zlib()).single.then(...)

Instead of using predefined classes, it is also possible to construct a customized CRC function with ParametricCrc class. For a list of known CRC routines, check out http://reveng.sourceforge.net/crc-catalogue/all.htm.


  1. inputReflected and outputReflected can be different, see CRC-12/UMTS.
  2. Bit-level checksums (including non-multiple-of-8 checksums).