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Getting started

Add package to the project:

  cr_mentions: ^0.0.1


This package is good if you need to mention someone in the text.

To track mentions, use MentionTextController as the controller for your text field.

To show mentions, use MentionText or MentionWidget



tag - the symbol by which mention will be made. By default it is @

mentions - the list of currently detected mentions in the text. Each time the text is changed, this list is generated a new

lastMention - last editable mention

insertMention - inserts the mention in the place of the current editable mention

makeQuerySuggestions - returns a string that is used to search for suggestions. If the return value is '', then only the tag was entered, if the value is null, then there are no suggestions. Otherwise all matching suggestions will be returned

replaceLastMentionWithText - makes the last mention a plain text

prepareForEditingMode - in edit mode of text field with mentions, it is necessary to call this method during initialization, where to pass a list of previously set mentions

getMentionsListWithoutTag - adds the id's, remove tag symbols and inserts the first mention. The first mention can be inserted if it is, for example, a reply to a comment(with position offset)

getTextWithFirstMention - if you add first mention to getMentionsListWithoutTag, you should return the correct string already with this mention

    final replyModel = MentionModel(
        mentionName: 'aty',
        locationStart: 0,
        locationEnd: 4,
        tagType: _mentionCtr.tag,
    return  MessageModel(
                text: _mentionCtr.getTextWithFirstMention(replyModel),
                mentions: _mentionCtr.getMentionsListWithoutTag(
                        isTextTrimmed: false,
                        firstMention: replyModel,
                    ) ?? [],
Using a controller

_mentionCtr - MentionTextController that tracks the writing of mentions.

_lastMention - ValueNotifier that holds a MentionModel. Use it to to keep track of the last mention while typing.

final _lastMention = ValueNotifier<MentionModel?>(null);
late final _mentionCtr = MentionTextController(lastMention: _lastMention);

      controller: _mentionCtr,



If you want any model to be dedicated to mentions, you have to wrap it in MentionData<T>.

mentionName - the name by which the search will take place

data - is

        mentionName: 'xerown',
        data: UserModel(
            firstName: 'Mark',
            lastName: 'Robinson',
        id: 0,

If you want mentions to be shown in the text, make a model that stores all the mentions.

   class MessageModel {
           required this.text,
           required this.mentions,

   final String text;
   final List<MentionModel> mentions;
        text: _mentionCtr.text,
            _mentionCtr.getMentionsListWithoutTag(isTextTrimmed: true) ?? [],



This widget is made to highlight mentions in text.

text - text with mentions

mentions - a list of MentionModel, to highlight them in the text

style - style of a plain text

mentionStyle - text style of mentions

overflow - how overflowing text should be handled. By default TextOverflow.clip

maxLines - maximum number of lines in the text

onMentionTap - returns the clicked mention model

        mentions: message.mentions,
        style: const TextStyle(color:,
        mentionStyle: const TextStyle(color: Colors.deepOrange),
        onMentionTap: onMentionModel,

Use this widget if you want the mention to look different than just the text, which is highlighted in a different color.

text - text with mentions

textStyle - style of plaint text

paddingText - the distance you want to set between the text and the mention

mentions - a list of MentionModel, to highlight them in the text

mentionWidgetBuilder - is a feature by which you can return the desired widget to highlight mentions

        mentions: message.mentions,
        paddingText: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 4),
        mentionWidgetBuilder: _mentionBuilder,
    Widget _mentionBuilder(MentionModel mention) {
        return Container(
            decoration: BoxDecoration(
                borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(4),
                color: Colors.deepOrange.shade100,
            margin: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 2, vertical: 2),
            padding: const EdgeInsets.all(4),
            child: Text(
                style: const TextStyle(color: Colors.deepOrange),