Contry Codes 🌍

A list of all the country codes, dial codes, their corresponding country names, and flag.


You can use the following features:

  1. Show the user a customizable Text Field to select Country Code. 🚀
  2. Find the dial code of a specific country. 🔍


  1. Have access to all the country codes.
  2. Get the country code by country name.
  3. Get the country name by country code.
  4. Get the country by dial code.

⚙️ Getting started

Install the package by adding the following line into your pubspec.yaml file:

  countrycodes_field: <VERSION>

Now import the package into your project:

import 'package:countrycodes_field/countrycodes.dart';

📚 Usage

1. Country Field 🚀

To show the user a customizable Text Field to select Country Code, use the following code:

    onSelect: (Country c) {
        print('Selected country: $c');

2. Find Country 🔍

Second, to find the dial code of a specific country, use the following code:

var country = Countries.findByName("United Kingdom");

print(country.flag); // 🇬🇧

Similarly, you can get the country code, country name, and country flag by country name, country code, and dial code.

var c1 = Countries.findByName("United Kingdom");
var c2 = Countries.findByCode("GB");
var c3 = Countries.findByDialCode("44");

print(c1 == c2); // true
print(c1 == c3); // true

If the country is not found, an exception will be thrown.

Model 🧑🏻‍💻

Country object is as shown below:

class Country {
  final String name;
  final String code;
  final String dialCode;
  final String flag;

  const Country({
    required this.code,
    required this.dialCode,
    required this.flag,

Contribute 💻

If you'd like to have a feature added, please open an issue or create a pull request.

License 🔑

License details can be found in the LICENSE file.