-> This package is used for country, state, city, dial code picker -> we can select the details with respective of other details and can be irrespective also. which means we can select the country , state, city alone by using search and if we use the country, state, city pickers together then It will show the data dependent to that selected data. for Example If we choose country then the state and city will be loaded and will show the details of state and city inside that country. If we choose country and state both then the city details will be based on the country and state only Country_Picker_BKB Select CountryCode Select Country Select State Select City

Getting started

-> add the following in your dependencies of pubspec.yaml file

country_picker_bkb: version

-> run the following

flutter pun get

-> import the package in the file you want to use

import 'package:country_picker_bkb/country_picker_bkb.dart';

-> you can use the package in your project



you can use this one as a widget for Country, state, city, dial code picker in a column or else you can use the following to use each alone

MobileNumberCode(required textEditingController);

the above will store the selected details in the following value Notifiers respectively;

ValueNotifier<Country_Model> selectedCountryDetailsForPhoneCode=ValueNotifier(Country_Model());

ValueNotifier<Country_Model> selectedDetailsForCountry=ValueNotifier(Country_Model());

ValueNotifier<State_Model> selectedDetailsForState=ValueNotifier(State_Model());

ValueNotifier<City_Model> selectedDetailsForCity=ValueNotifier(City_Model());

we can access the selected details by using the above variables

stateSelect(context, buttonPosition, buttonSize,stateSelectionValueNotifier,countrySelectionValueNotifier);
countrySelect(context, buttonPosition, buttonSize,countrySelectionValueNotifier);
citySelect(context, buttonPosition, buttonSize,city,countrySelectionValueNotifier,stateSelectionValueNotifier,);

Certainly! Here's a modified version of the statement for clarity:

Now, it's possible to simultaneously use multiple instances of the country, state, and city pickers by passing their respective ValueNotifier to the function. When calling the above functions (stateSelect, countrySelect, and citySelect), ensure to provide the stateSelectionValueNotifier and countrySelectionValueNotifier as arguments. These ValueNotifier variables store the selected values independently for each picker.

Additional information

Refer the git for more details. you can use the following link 'https://github.com/rajkali499/country_picker_bkb.git'. Comment for the updates if needed on this packages