Country picker

pub package

A flutter package to select a country from a list of countries.


Getting Started

Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

country_picker: ^2.0.21

In your dart file, import the library:

import 'package:country_picker/country_picker.dart';

Show country picker using showCountryPicker:

  context: context,
  showPhoneCode: true, // optional. Shows phone code before the country name.
  onSelect: (Country country) {
    print('Select country: ${country.displayName}');

For localization:

Add the CountryLocalizations.delegate in the list of your app delegates.

      supportedLocales: [
        const Locale('en'),
        const Locale('el'),
        const Locale.fromSubtags(languageCode: 'zh', scriptCode: 'Hans'), // Generic Simplified Chinese 'zh_Hans'
        const Locale.fromSubtags(languageCode: 'zh', scriptCode: 'Hant'), // Generic traditional Chinese 'zh_Hant'
      localizationsDelegates: [
      home: HomePage(),


  • onSelect: Called when a country is selected. The country picker passes the new value to the callback (required)
  • onClosed: Called when CountryPicker is dismissed, whether a country is selected or not (optional).
  • showPhoneCode: Can be used to show phone code before the country name.
  • searchAutofocus Can be used to initially expand virtual keyboard
  • showSearch Can be used to show/hide the search bar.
  • showWorldWide An optional argument for showing "World Wide" option at the beginning of the list
  • favorite Can be used to show the favorite countries at the top of the list (optional).
  • countryListTheme: Can be used to customize the country list's bottom sheet and widgets that lie within it. (optional).
      context: context,
      countryListTheme: CountryListThemeData(
        flagSize: 25,
        backgroundColor: Colors.white,
        textStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 16, color: Colors.blueGrey),
        bottomSheetHeight: 500, // Optional. Country list modal height
        //Optional. Sets the border radius for the bottomsheet.
          borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
          topLeft: Radius.circular(20.0),
          topRight: Radius.circular(20.0),
        //Optional. Styles the search field.
        inputDecoration: InputDecoration(
          labelText: 'Search',
          hintText: 'Start typing to search',
          prefixIcon: const Icon(,
          border: OutlineInputBorder(
            borderSide: BorderSide(
              color: const Color(0xFF8C98A8).withOpacity(0.2),
      onSelect: (Country country) => print('Select country: ${country.displayName}'),
  • exclude: Can be used to exclude(remove) one or more country from the countries list (optional).
      context: context,
      exclude: <String>['KN', 'MF'], //It takes a list of country code(iso2).
      onSelect: (Country country) => print('Select country: ${country.displayName}'),
  • countryFilter: Can be used to filter the countries list (optional).
    • It takes a list of country code(iso2).
    • Can't provide both exclude and countryFilter


Contributions of any kind are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and improve country_code_picker in any way you want, make a pull request, or open an issue.