A dart package with many country flag icons

Getting Started

This package provides country icons as PNG and SVG to be used in dart code. You can simply access the files directly via an asset() method, or you can use the packages method getSvgFlag().

Icons as png

You can either use the PNG icons directly via new Image.asset('icons/flags/pngXXXXpx/yy.png', package: 'country_icons'); where XXXX is the size 100,250,1000 and yy is the country code.

Icons as SVG

Alternatively you can use SVG icons via new SvgPicture.asset('icons/flags/svg/xx.svg', package: 'country_icons'); For this to work you should require flutter_svg in your code directly.

flutter_svg: ^2.0.0

Packages Method for SVGs

You can use CountryIcons.getSvgFlag('de') for use in your code, if you do a

import 'package:country_icons/country_icons.dart';

Requests for new/updates flags

This package is simply a wrapper for the excellent flag collection of hjnilsson (see Credits below). Any requests for adding, updating or removing of flags do not make sense in this repo.


Flags are used from hjnilsson

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