Country Flags Flutter

(Fork from flag as it was not maintained anymore)

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A flag Flutter package for Android / iOS / Web. Based by https://github.com/dnfield/flutter_svg .


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Svg sources

Thanks the great project flag-icons.

Flag list

ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 Flags



  • eu European Union.

Disputed territories

  • hk Hong Kong. Special Administrative Region of China.
  • mo Macau. Special Administrative Region of China.
  • eh Western Sahara. Claimed by Morocco.
  • tw Taiwan. Claimed by China.

Undisputed territories which are non-UN state

  • va Vatican City. Govern by the Holy See.

How to use

Flag.fromCode(FlagsCode.COUNTRY_CODE, height: HEIGHT, width: WIDTH), Flag.fromString(COUNTRY_CODE, height: HEIGHT, width: WIDTH), Flags.fromCode([FlagsCode.GB, FlagsCode.US], height: 100, width: 100 * 4 / 3),

Such as

  • Flag.fromCode(FlagsCode.AD, height: 100, width: null)
  • Flag.fromString('AD', height: null, width: null)
  • Flag.fromString('AD', height: 10, width: 100, fit: BoxFit.fill)