Country Data

A Package That Provide Country Data Like Name, PhoneCode, Currency, States and Cities etc. Purely Written in Dart.

Sample Application



  • Get List of Countries
    List<Country> countries = CountryData().getCountries();
  • Get Country
    Country? country = CountryData().getCountryById(countryId:'IN');
    // Country Class contains county information.
     String id; // country id
     String name; // country name
     String native; // country native/language
     String phone; // country phone Code
     String capital; // country capital
     String currency; // country currency symbol
     String emoji; // country flag emoji
     String emojiU; // country emojiU code
     String currencyCode; // country currency code 
  • Get States based on country code
    List<String> states = CountryData().getStates(countryId:'IN');
  • Get Cities based on state and country code
   List<String> cities = CountryData().getCities(countryId:'IN',state:'Punjab');

Getting Started

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Contributions of any kind are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and improve country_data in any way you want, make a pull request, or open an issue.