A Flutter plugin to access Cortex library and work with Emotiv EEG headset

Platform Support

Android iOS MacOS Web Linux Windows
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To use this plugin, add cortex as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml.

This will expose three classes of Cortex events through 3 different streams:

  • ResponseEvent describes the response from Cortex for each request.
  • WarningEvent describes the warning message from Cortex.
  • DataStreamEvent describes the data stream event when subscribing data (eeg, motion, ...) from Cortex.

Each of these is exposed through BroadcastStream:responseEvents, warningEvents, and dataStreamEvents, respectively.

It also provides 4 functions to work with Cortex:

  • startCortex will launch Cortex.
  • authenticateWithCortex(clientId) will open a webview for user login and get authentication code from Emotiv backend server.
  • sendRequestToCortex will send request to Cortex with json format.
  • stopCortex is implemented in Java layer when application terminates, we don't export it to dart layer.


import 'package:cortex/cortex.dart';

responseEvents.listen((event) {

warningEvents.listen((event) {

dataStreamEvents.listen((event) {

sendRequestToCortex('{ "id": 1, "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "queryHeadsets"}');

Also see the example subdirectory for the example application that uses to work with real device. Remember to add

  • EmotivCortexLib.aar to your main project with Android build
  • EmotivCortexLib.xcframework to folder Frameworks of iOS plugin with iOS build


The embedded Cortex library (EmotivCortexLib.aar for Android and EmotivCortexLib.xcframework for iOS) is in private beta only, and will be published in the future.