It is alpha

Some API may be changed.

The collection of useful utils and architecture base classes.

It consists of

  • response_parser - helps to parse responses and errors, and map them to the convenient Either format.
  • fpdart and functional_extensions - main functional programming types and patterns.
  • action_bloc - subtype of the bloc which converts an action execution to the inProgress and success/failure states.
  • facade_consumer_cubit - cubit which shortcuts the subscribing and listening to the reactive facade.
  • reactive_facade - helps to make the work with the infrastracture layer reactive.

Take a look at the example app to see these parts in action

Action blocs

Action bloc is used to automatically map action to the states. It's supposed to be used with the ReactiveFacade.

action is a function which performs an action that should be mapped to the states. It may be similar to the FutureBuilder which also maps action to the states however action blocs are more advanced.

It works this way:

  • event is added
    • action is performed
      • before actions is performed in progress state is emitted
      • when action is successfully performed success state is emitted
      • in case of failure failure state with an error is emitted.

To map an action to the states bloc is using IStateAdapter. This is an adapter provided by user which takes an action with event, executes it and returns an Either of result or error.

Facade consumer cubit

It's a base for the cubit which listens to the ReactiveFacade.dataStream.

Reactive facade

As you may know facade is a pattern which provides a simplified interface to complex set of classes. In our case these classes are api and local repositories.

Reactive Facade's goal is to be a single source of truth, hide the data synchronization and provide the reactive api.


The collection of useful utils and architecture base classes.