Flutter Control is complex library to maintain App and State management.
Library merges multiple functionality under one hood. This approach helps to tidily bound separated logic into complex solution.

import 'package:control_core/core.dart';

Flutter Control Core

  • Control Main static class. Initializes ControlFactory and provides easy access to most of core Control objects like BaseLocalization, RouteStore, ControlBroadcast, etc..
  • ControlFactory Initializes and can store Controls, Models and other Objects. Works as Service Locator and Storage.
    Factory has own Storage. Objects in this storage are accessible via custom key or Type. Best practice is to use Type as a key.
    Factory is one and only Singleton in this Library.
    Core objects of Flutter Control are stored in Factory's Storage by default (Control.initControl) and are accessible by their Type or via Providers.


      entries: {
        CounterListControl: CounterListControl(),
      initializers: {
        CounterModel: (_) => CounterModel(),
        CounterDetailControl: (args) => CounterDetailControl(model: Parse.getArg<CounterModel>(args)),
      routes: [<DetailPage>(builder: (_) => DetailPage()),
      modules: [
      initAsync: () async {

  • ControlModel is base class to maintain Business Logic parts.
    BaseControl is extended version of ControlModel with more functionality. Mainly used for robust Logic parts.
    BaseModel is extended but lightweight version of ControlModel. Mainly used to control smaller logic parts.\

  • ControlObservable and ControlSubscription are core underlying observable system and abstract base for other concrete robust implementations - mainly ActionControl and FieldControl.
    With ControlBuilder and ControlBuilderGroup on the Widget side. These universal builder widgets can handle all possible types of Notifiers.

  • ActionControl is one type of Observable used in this Library. It's quite lightweight and is used to notify Widgets and to provide events about value changes.
    Has two variants - Single (just one listener), Broadcast (multiple listeners).
    Upon dismiss of ActionControl, every ControlSubscription is closed.

    final counter = ActionControl.broadcast<int>(0);

    counter.subscribe((value) => printDebug(value));
    void add() => counter.value++;
  • FieldControl is more robust Observable solution around Stream and StreamController. Primarily is used to notify Widgets and to provide events about value changes.
    Can listen Stream, Future or subscribe to another FieldControl with possibility to filter and convert values.
    FieldControl comes with pre-build primitive variants as StringControl, NumberControl, etc., where is possible to use validation, regex or value clamping. And also ListControl to work with Iterables.
    FieldSink or FieldSinkConverter provides Sink of FieldControl.
    Upon dismiss of FieldControl, every FieldSubscription is closed.
    final counter = FieldControl<int>(0);

    counter.subscribe((value) => printDebug(value));
    void add() => counter.value++;

Global Event System

  • ControlBroadcast Event stream across whole App. Default broadcaster is part of ControlFactory and is stored there.
    Every subscription is bound to it's key and Type so notification to Listeners arrives only for expected data.
    With BroadcastProvider is possible to subscribe to any stream and send data or events from one end of App to the another, even to Widgets and their States. Also custom broadcaster can be created to separate events from global/default stream.


  BroadcastProvider.subscribe<int>('on_count_changed', (value) => updateCount(value));
  BraodcastProvider.broadcast('on_count_changed', 10);