A Contentstack-Utils library for Dart developers


Contentstack Dart Utils SDK

Contentstack is a headless CMS with an API-first approach. It is a CMS that developers can use to build powerful cross-platform applications in their favorite languages. Build your application frontend, and Contentstack will take care of the rest. Read More.

Given below is the detailed guide and helpful resources to get started with our Dart Utils SDK.


Latest Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA or Visual Studio Code

  • Setup and Installation

  • We need to install Dart


Add the following to your pom.xml file:

    contentstack-util: any

Note: If you are using Contentstack Dart SDK we have already imported contentstack-utils into it.

    contentstack: any


Create Render Option: To render Embedded objects within RTE create renderOption as follows:

Utils.renderContents(rteArray, localJsonObj, (embeddedObject, metadata) -> {
    switch (metadata.getStyleType()) {
        case BLOCK:
           String title = embeddedObject.getString("title");
           String multi_line = embeddedObject.getString("multi_line");
           return "<p>" + title + "</p><span>" + multi_line + "</span>";

        case INLINE:
           String titleInline = embeddedObject.getString("title");
           String mlInline = embeddedObject.getString("multi_line");
           return "<p>" + titleInline + "</p><span>" + mlInline + "</span>";

        case LINKED:
           String titleLinked = embeddedObject.getString("title");
           String mlLinked = embeddedObject.getString("multi_line");
           return "<p>" + titleLinked + "</p><span>" + mlLinked + "</span>";
        case DISPLAY:
           String titleDiplayable = embeddedObject.getString("title");
           String mlDiplayable = embeddedObject.getString("multi_line");
           return "<p>" + titleDiplayable + "</p><span>" + mlDiplayable + "</span>";

           return null;

Using Contentstack Utils from Contentstack Dart SDK

Fetch entry/entries including embedded using Contentstack SDK

    import 'package:contentstack/contentstack.dart' as contentstack;
    final stack = contentstack.Stack(apiKey, deliveryToken, environment);
    final entry = stack.contentType('contentTypeUid').entry(entryUid: 'entryUid');
    await entry.fetch().then((response) {
        const keyPath = [
            "rich_text_editor", "global_rich_multiple.group.rich_text_editor"
        final jsonObject = response['entry'];
        Utils.render(jsonObject, keyPath, Option);
    }).catchError((error) {

Fetch multiple entries including embedded object and render RTE fields

    import 'package:contentstack/contentstack.dart' as contentstack;

    final stack = contentstack.Stack(apiKey, deliveryToken, environment);
    final query = stack.contentType('contentTypeUid').entry().query();
    await query.find().then((response) {
        var entries = response['entries'];
        const keyPath = [
            "rich_text_editor", "global_rich_multiple.group.rich_text_editor"
            Utils.render(entry, keyPath, Option);
    }).catchError((error) {

Fetch entry/entries and Render RTE using GraphQL and ‘contentstack utils’ SDK

GraphQL specification is not yet finalized.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.