pub package

Add customized ContainerTabIndicator as an indicator for your TabBar. You can manipulate width, height, color, radius, border and positioning within Tab.

class ContainerTabIndicator extends Decoration {
  final double width;
  final double widthFraction;
  final double height;
  final double heightFraction;
  final EdgeInsetsGeometry padding;
  final Color color;
  final BorderRadius radius;
  final double borderWidth;
  final Color borderColor;


The full example code can be found here.

import 'package:container_tab_indicator/container_tab_indicator.dart';


  tabs: [
    Text('First', style: TextStyle(color:,
    Text('Second', style: TextStyle(color:,
  indicator: ContainerTabIndicator(
    width: 16,
    height: 16,
    radius: BorderRadius.circular(8.0),
    padding: const EdgeInsets.only(left: 36),
    borderWidth: 2.0,



This package is still in early stages. To see the upcoming features, check the Issue board. If you notice any bugs not present in issues, please file a new issue. If you are willing to fix or enhance things yourself, you are very welcome to make a pull request.