Flutter Confidence SDK

Flutter implementation of the Confidence SDK.

This SDK uses the Android and iOS respectively under the hood.


Add the confidence sdk to your flutter app using the following command:

flutter pub add confidence_flutter_sdk

Instantiating the Confidence

first, we need to setup the api config which contains a api_key:

import 'package:confidence_flutter_sdk/confidence_flutter_sdk.dart';

final confidence = ConfidenceFlutterSdk();
await confidence.setup("API_KEY");

after this initial setup we can start fetching and accessing the flags.

await confidence.fetchAndActivate();
await confidence.getString("[FLAG]", "Default"))

The schema of the property plays a crucial role in resolving the property, if the schema type matches the asked type, the value will be returned otherwise we expect default value to be returned.

Send custom Events

we can send custom events to the confidence sdk like following:

confidence.track("[EVENT-NAME]", <String, dynamic>{});

Running the example iOS app in xcode

to run the iOS example app in xcode, first fetch the submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

then you can drag and drop the ios/Classes/confidence_sdk/Sources/Confidence folder into your xcode project next to the ConfidenceFlutterSDkPlugin.swift file.

then we can run flutter on iOS given your iOS simulator is running using:

flutter run

or simply run the app from xcode.