Conditional Trigger


This plugin will make it easier for you to set the conditions for specific method.


final condition = ConditionalTrigger(
        minDays: 3,
        minCalls: 3,
Full parameters
/// Name of this contidion. This is also known as prefix of the SharedPreferences.
final String name;

/// Min days since this method is called
final int minDays;

/// Min calls of this method (increase counter when this method is executed)
/// If you add this line in your main(), it's same as app opening count
final int minCalls;

/// If the current version is satisfied with this than not showing the request
/// this value use plugin `satisfied_version` to compare.
final List<String> noRequestVersions;

/// List of version that allow the app to remind the in-app review.
final List<String> remindedVersions;

/// If true, it'll keep asking for the ConditionalTrigger on each new version
/// (and satisfied with all the above ConditionalTrigger). If false, it only requests
/// for the first time the ConditionalTrigger are satisfied.
final bool keepRemind;

/// Debug
final bool debugLog;

Use this method to check the conditions:

final state = await condition.check();

if (state == ConditionalState.satisfied) {
    // Do something

You can get the state if you already ran check() somewhere else:

final state = condition.lastState;

This method will automatically return the conditions.lastState when it is set, so you can call it multiple times:

final stateOnce = await condition.checkOnce();

if (state == ConditionalState.satisfied) {
    // Do something
Full ConditionalState
/// The conditions have been satisfied but the `keepRemind` was disabled

/// This version is satisfied with `noRequestVersions` => Don't satisfied

/// Don't satisfy with minCalls and minDays

/// Don't satisfy with minCalls condition

/// Don't satisfy with minDays condition

/// Satisfied with all conditions

Or if you want to show a Widget

    future: ConditionalTrigger('SurveyBanner').check(),
    build: (context, snapshot) {
        if ( != ConditionalState.satisfied) {
            return SizedBox.shrink();

        return SurveyBanner();


/// Set mock values

/// Remove mock values


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