Computer is a lightweight library for concurrent computations, which provides Flutter's compute like API.


  • Easy to use API
  • No overhead on creating & releasing isolates for each task. Workers initialized on start and ready to solve your tasks
  • Strictly defined number of workers


Computer.shared() is a singleton, use Computer.create() to create new instances

How to use

Computer provides just 3 methods


Before using the Computer you need to turnOn it. This will create workers and initialize them. Then you may use compute() method.

final computer = Computer.create(); //Or Computer.shared()

await computer.turnOn(
  workersCount: 4, // optional, default 2
  verbose: false, // optional, default false


compute will execute your function inside one of the workers. Function may be async. The callback argument must be a top-level or static method of a class.

final result = await computer.compute(
  param: 45, // optional


If you don't need workers anymore, you can turnOff the Computer. It will destroy workers.

await computer.turnOff();


ComputerError the parent error for all errors/exceptions in this package

class ComputerError implements Exception {
  final String message;

RemoteExecutionError shows up when something goes wrong in task

class RemoteExecutionError extends ComputerError {
  final Capability taskCapability;

CancelExecutionError shows up when turnOff is called but task is processing

class CancelExecutionError extends ComputerError {
  final Capability taskCapability;