Compile c/c++ code to dynamic/static library

This package is part of mobipkg.

The goal is to compile an available iOS/android library by configuration file.


Because this is the environment used by developers, please test other environments by yourself

  • Platform
    • macOS (If you want to compile iOS)
    • linux (No tested)
  • Android NDK 25 (If you want to compile android)
  • XCode 14.x (If you want to compile iOS)
  • Git (If your source url is git)
  • autoconf (If your source is autotools)
  • wget (If your source url is http/https)
    • tar (If your source is tar)
      • gzip (If your source is gzip/tar.gz/tgz)
      • bzip2 (If your source is bzip2/tar.bz2/tbz2)
      • xz (If your source is xz/tar.xz)
      • lamz (If your source is lamz/tar.lamz)
    • unzip (If your source is zip)
    • 7zip (If your source is 7zip)
  • cp (If your source is path), the cp command is IEEE Std 1003.2 (“POSIX.2”) compliant.

If you want to compile c

Environment Variables


Android NDK 25 Path, other version is not tested.


If this env is configured, all libraries will be installed into this directory. (Default: <lib>/install)

At the same time, if compile need some dependencies, it will find them in this directory.

Command line option or option-file can override this value.

Usage for command

compile -h

Simple compile steps:

compile create -C example

cd example
# edit lib.yaml

# compile
compile lib -C .


  • Tools:

    • x autotools
    • x cmake
    • x meson
  • Source type

    • x git
    • x file
    • x http

Example usage

The example directory contains some example libraries.

Define your library

Like the example, in general, you need to define a file: lib.yaml, which is conventional and its name cannot be changed.

name: libffi
type: autotools # or other types, you can run `compile support type` to see all types
    ref: v3.4.4
license: LICENSE

Defind your .gitignore

In general, it is also recommended that you include a .gitignore file It is defined as follows:


Other documents


Apache-2.0 License