Common configs

A simple package which can be used as a global config in your app or you can share configs with your packages.


  • Use as a global configs across your app.
  • Share configs with packages.
  • Access config from anywhere.
  • Load configs from a Map with Config.fromMap.

Getting started

Add this package as a dependency

dart pub add common_configs

and import in your file by adding the below statement

import 'package:common_configs/common_configs.dart';


A short example.

Use anything to use as an identifier for your config's type. In this example, I'm using an enum ConfigType.

enum ConfigType {

We'll use a pre-existing MapConfig which uses Map<String, dynamic> as a Config with an identifier.

Config createDevelConfig() => MapConfig(ConfigType.devel, { 'hello': 'world' });

To create your own config, start by extending the Config.

To use this config, set it by using Config.put.

Config.put(create: createDevelConfig);

By default, configs are stored by the name default.

To use a another name, you can use the name parameter when getting or setting a config.

Config.put(create: createDevelConfig, name: 'app.config');

Additional information

You can write your own code to obtain configuration details from a source like a json, or .env file.

For a longer example, check out the /example folder.