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Dart version commitlint - A tool to lint commit messages. (Inspired by JavaScript commitlint)

commitlint lint commit messages to satisfy conventional commit format

commitlint helps your team adhere to a commit convention. By supporting pub-installed configurations it makes sharing of commit conventions easy.

About Package Name

Because a package commit_lint already exists (not in active development), the name commitlint can't be used according to Pub's naming policy. So commitlint_cli is used currently.

Getting started


Add commitlint_cli to your dev_dependencies in pubspec.yaml

# Install commitlint_cli
dart pub add --dev commitlint_cli


# Simply use configuration of a package
echo "include: package:commitlint_cli/commitlint.yaml" > commitlint.yaml

You can also customize your configuration in commitlint.yaml

# Inherit configuration of a package
include: package:commitlint_cli/commitlint.yaml

# Custom rules
    - 2
    - always
    - 'upper-case'

# Whether commitlint uses the default ignore rules.
defaultIgnores: true
# Pattern that matches commit message if commitlint should ignore the given message.
  - r'^fixup'


# Lint from stdin
echo 'foo: bar' | dart run commitlint_cli
⧗  input: type: add docs
✖  type must be one of [build, chore, ci, docs, feat, fix, perf, refactor, revert, style, test] type-enum

✖  found 1 errors, 0 warnings

Note: output on successful commit will be omitted, you can use the VERBOSE=true env to get positive output. (Functionality of verbose)

# Output on successful commit will be omitted
echo 'feat: test message' | dart run commitlint_cli
# Verbse Output on successful commit
echo 'feat: test message' | VERBOSE=true dart run commitlint_cli

Setup git hook

With husky (a tool for managing git hooks), commitlint cli can be used in commmit-msg git hook

Set commit-msg hook:

dart pub add --dev husky
dart run husky install
dart run husky set .husky/commit-msg 'dart run commitlint_cli --edit "$1"'

Make a commit:

git add .
git commit -m "Keep calm and commit"
# `dart run commitlint_cli --edit "$1"` will run

To get the most out of commitlint you'll want to automate it in your project lifecycle. See our Setup guide for next steps.


See documention

  • Guides - Common use cases explained in a step-by-step pace
  • Concepts - Overarching topics important to understand the use of commitlint
  • Reference - Mostly technical documentation