CometChat Calls SDK for Flutter

The CometChat SDK is a robust toolkit that developers can utilize to swiftly incorporate a reliable and fully-featured chat functionality into an existing or new application. It removes the complexity of building a chat infrastructure from scratch, thus accelerating the development process and reducing time to market.


  • Flutter >=2.5.0
  • SDK >=2.17.0 <4.0.0
  • Android Studio 2022.2
  • Android 7.0, API 24 and above
  • Xcode 14.3
  • iOS 12.0

Getting Started

To set up Flutter SDK and utilize CometChat for your chat and calls functionality, you'll need to follow these steps:

  • Register at the CometChat Dashboard to create an account.
  • After registering, log into your CometChat account and create a new app. Once created, CometChat will generate an Auth Key and App ID for you. Keep these credentials secure as you'll need them later.
  • Check the key concepts to understand the basic components of CometChat.
  • Refer to the Integration Steps in our documentation to integrate the SDK into your Flutter app.

Help and Support

For issues running the project or integrating with our SDK, consult our documentation or create a support ticket or seek real-time support via the CometChat Dashboard.