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Comet payone for Flutter package to connect to bcel, developed by comet.

The package will generate qrcode for payment and tracking transaction status.


add the following code to your pubspec.yaml :

  comet_payone: ^2.0.0


import the package

import 'package:flutter_payone/constants.dart';
import 'package:flutter_payone/flutter_payone.dart';

Register your shop with mcid and subcribeKey which will be granted by BCEL

Future<String> initStore() async {
    String mcid = "mch6066c3a96b789";
    String applicationId = "ONEPAY";
    String bankName = "BCEL";
    Country country = Country.lao;
    Province province = Province.vientiane;
    String subscribeKey = "sub-c-91489692-fa26-11e9-be22-ea7c5aada356";
    String terminalid = "12345678";

    return await FlutterPayone.initStore(mcid, province,
          subscribeKey, terminalid, country, bankName, applicationId);

Generate QR Code, example: amount = 1 and LAK currency. You also can add a description to the QR Code which will accept string value.

Future<String> buildQrcode() async {
    int amount = 1;
    Currency currency = Currency.laoKip;
    String description = "";
    return  await FlutterPayone.buildQrcode(amount, currency, description);

Now you can start tracking transaction, expect transaction response are customer name, paid amount, etc.

  Future<String> startObserve() async {
    return await FlutterPayone.startObserve();