Colored Text

Flutter Package for easily express fancy Highlighted Text

it looks like the text marked with a highlighter pen

sample image


  • this package automatically calculate the size of your text
  • you can define color, fontSize, and textStyle
Parameter Data type Action
color Color color of Text and Highlighter
fontSize double define your textSize (optional)
textStyle TextStyle define with Custom TextStyle (optional)

Getting Started

  1. Add the latest version of package to your pubspec.yaml (and run flutter pub get)
    colored_text: ^0.0.1
  1. Import the package and use it in your Flutter App.
import 'package:colored_text/colored_text.dart';


Basic ColoredText

ColoredText('Red Colored Text', color:

ColoredText with custom fontSize

ColoredText('small Blue Colored Text', color:, fontSize: 12)
ColoredText('big Green Colored Text', color:, fontSize:20)

ColoredText with Custom TextStyle

  'Custom FontStyle',
  color: Colors.amber,
  textStyle: GoogleFonts.dancingScript(
    fontWeight: FontWeight.bold,
    fontSize: 18,
    color: Colors.deepPurple,

Feature request and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at this Issue Tracker

Thank you for your interest

Seunghyun Kwon