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color_gen package is used for Color and ColorSwatch generation of your flutter apps.

Getting started

The generation command is short and concise:

flutter pub run color_gen:generate   

In real projects, you may encounter the need for custom Color and ColorSwatch beside Flutter built-in Colors class and MaterialSwatch. Writing these can be tedious and repetitive, this package can help you with such problems.


To perform Color and ColorSwatch generation, you may follow these steps:

  • Step 1: create color_gen.yaml. This is where you store all your color and color swatch configs.
  • Step 2: config the color_gen.yaml as your requirements.
  • Step 3: run the command: flutter pub run color_gen:generate


To sum it up, here is the supported format:

# color_gen.yaml
  class_name: ExampleAppColor # Generated color class name, which all member will be static, default to `AppColor`
  file_name: app_colors.dart # Generated file name, default to `colors.dart`
  location: lib/presentation/theme/color/ # folder to store generated file, default to `lib/generate/color/`
  swatch_prefix: $ShadedSwatch # Generated `ColorSwatch` class name, default to to `$ShadedSwatch`
    red: # will generate `ColorSwatch` `red` with the following variable: shade10, shade50
        hex: 0xFF132112 # hex color code
        opacity: 1 # will add `.withOpacity(1)` after the color variable.
        primary: true # will make this color primary, if not set, will default to the first shade
        rgb: 12, 12, 41 # rgb is supported as well
        alpha: 244 # will add `.withAlpha(244)` after the color variable.
    blue: # normal color `blue`, contain no shade.
      hex: 0xFF132131
    primary: red # color named `primary` references to color `red`
    purple: 0xff123412 # short version of Color, currently only support hex value
    pink: # short version of ColorSwatch
      shade20: 0xff124912
      shade10: 0xff123512

The generated colors of the above config may be used like this:

import 'lib/presentation/theme/color/app_colors.dart';

final Color red =;
final Color redShade10 =;
final Color blue =;
final Color primary = ExampleAppColor.primary; // will actually point to `red`
final Color pink =;

For each Color or specific shade of ColorSwatch, the following format/key is supported:

Short version, currently only hexCode is supported.

<colorName>: <hexCode> 

Longer version:

  hex: <hexCode>
  rgb: <rgb array> # len = 3
  alpha: <alpha> # 0-255
  opacity: <opacity> # 0-1 
  primary: true | false # only for shaded color of `ColorSwatch`, if not set, the first shade will be chosen as primary

Additional information

  • Code generation will actually use the shade name as variable name and key for query it
  • ColorSwatch with the same swatch (the same amount of shades and the same variable names) will utilize the same generated swatch class.
  • Refer to the example for more details.